Weekly manga here I come. I always feel like a little kid waking up on their birthday, when new manga is here!

Fairy Tail- Chapter 466

m003We go back to Natsu and Happy, right after they fought Zeref.You can see how the fight effected both of them, not just physically but mentally as well. Happy even goes as far to ask Natsu if they will always be friends. He knows that some big changes are coming. He knows that there is going to be a choice in there some where soon. Natsu is going to have to decide what side to fight on. I am looking forward to that.

We also see, the other battles going on. There wasn’t much information there. It was more of on over view to show that every one is fighting and how vastly out numbered they all are.

I’m overly surprised at the ending. We have ready seen Randi being a bitch to Marin. She isn’t an overly sympathetic character like many of the other bad guys in Fairy Tail. It’s not that I didn’t like her but I didn’t really have much feeling to her. I have a feeling some one will save her and we’ll get to know more about her. There is almost no bad guy with out some form of back story. I am looking forward to knowing more about her and what drove her and Martin to act this way.

Nanatsu no Taizai- Chapter 154

So, we already knew that The Ten Commandments were nothing to 000mess around with. They are strong and scary looking. This chapter feels like more set up for the Ten Commandments to fight the Seven Deadly Sins. Which you know will happen and you know it will be epic! You now that to be true.

I am really looking forward to the fight, especially since Maldes has a history with The Ten Commandments and he is a daemon. I want to know how the fight is going to turn out and what his history is with The Ten Commandments.

Bleach- Chapter 656

n020I’m just going to say it now Yoruichi for the win. She is awesome. I’ve always loved her. She is one bad ass kitty. I mean she was even awesome as a cat. Can you say that about any one else. I know I can’t. Her fight with Askin with be awesome. But, you anything with Yoruichi will be awesome. I mean you kind of already know that she’s going to win, it’s just how this manga works but the fight will be worth the wait.

Admittedly there have been some things recently that have been different. It is starting to stop being such cookie cutter story telling that you are used to for shounen. And, I like it. People are starting to die, people are starting to show their feeling for each other. It makes it a better story. I am looking forward to what happens next.

Monsuta Musume- No New Chapter


I am a Hero- No New Volume


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