Vampire Knight is written by Matsuri Hino. It was First published in 2005 and ran till 2013. There is a two season anime by the same name, based on the series. There are also two light novel that fallow side stories from the characters in the Vampire Knight universe. There are also to drama CDs , a dating simulator and a live action musical stage play for the series.

Vampire-Knight-Volume-11-Manga-Yuki-Cross-Zero-Matsuri-HinoFirst and for most, The art is so pretty in the manga. I could just look at the art and be happy. I wish my hair was able to look like that on the regular. But, alas I am not a vampire and not a drawing. But, we can hope right. Every cosplayer and their mother must be looking at the hair and going “how are we going to do this?”, but I digress.

I really like the story but think it had to many characters in it. Every Vampire.Knight.full.65034time we started to go some where or progress the story a new character would show up and try to mess every thing up. Which is fine many mangas main plots are exactly that, but it doesn’t work when your character are the ones who are trying to upset the order. At some points you don’t even know who every one is because there are just to many new characters that all look the same. They all are pretty but they are all the same pretty. Many of the characters are drawn the same. And, that can be confusing.

The mythology of the world is great. The whole vampire lore that Hino made and set is wonderful. It was a whole new set of mythos that was added to vampire myth. I just with the mythology was a little more vampire-knightexpanded on. All the idea are there but it is never fully explained.

The whole story kind of felt like Hino knew were she wanted to go but didn’t quite know how to get there. It was as if she wrote her self into a corner and then tried to write her self out of it. Which she did, every thing got tied up in the end but it seemed a little forced. Main example on that is Zero and Yuki ended up together. It was as if Yuki thought, “Well Kaname wasn’t who I thought he was, and is now frozen in ice, I guess I’ll be with Zero.” Then Zero is just over here like, “I get to be with Yuki”. It was a little cliche that they ended up with their childhood friend. It works, but a lot of stuff happens and things get way more complicated then they should be. Ch03_ZeroBiteLike Yuki is pregnant with Kaname’s daughter, but that’s none of my business.

All in all, the story is great, a little long but good. It is just beautiful to look at. And if you like fluffy romance you’ll get it. If you are not a fan of fluffy romance and vampires don’t read this. But, not read this if you are hoping for a Twilight kind of story. It has vampires and love but it gets pretty bloody.

Come back again next week, I’ll be reading Claymore.

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Photo Credit: Vampire Knight, Matsuri Hino, Hakusensha, Inc., VIZ Media, LLC