An other week of manga has come and gone! See what happened this week.

Fairy Tail-Chapter 467

More fighting in this chapter. It makes sense they are in the middle of a war and all. I like that the other guilds are being featured in these chapters. For the 019most part we get only Fairy Tail, which makes sense since it is a manga about that guild, but I always like seeing the other guilds as well.

Then later in the chapter I’m like, ok normal stuff, Lucy trying to make friends, Cana being protective. Then, bam! Lucy’s getting choked, Aquarius is back and saves Lucy!

I fully had a fangirl moment. I knew Aquarius was going to come back at some point, but Mashima did not have to put us through that when Lucy broke her key. That was a chapter I cried at one of the many. Why does Fairy Tail hit you right in the feels? It’s great story telling, but why.

Nanatsu no Taizai- Chapter 155

Every one is heading to the Grand Battle Festival. I know meet there and it’s going to be epic. But, all of them are finally getting there. I am looking forward to it by the way. I always love when the Seven Deadly Sins just wail on each other. Because, they know they don’t have to hold back when they fight each other. Best 019fights are when they don’t hold back.

I know the are going to experience some really crazy trippy stuff in side the labyrinth. Mainly because all of them have a fucked up past and so many daemons that they are fighting with, mentally not the literal ones they have to fight. I’m looking forward to one or two of them breaking mentally a little bit. I’m not saying I want it to happen, just it would be more then a little awesome.

I am glad that every one is starting to meet up with each other again. Or at least Hawk, Diane, and Elizabeth. I just want all of them to get back together. And King and Diane deserve to be happy together.

Bleach- Chapter 657

657 - God Of Thunder 2 - 005This chapter is more of Yoruichi being awesome. Which I am never against. Yoruichi is awesome. It also looks like her brother, even though his personality isn’t as cool as his sisters, is awesome as well. But, of course even though they are using their God of Thunder power, the bad guy is stronger then that.

I really hope this turns into a tag team fight with the Shihoin siblings. They both are strong and this has potental to be an epic fight. Also there isn’t enough tag team fights in this manga. And, there isn’t enough of sibling invoulvement. The only sibling relationship that has a big part in the manga is Rukia and Byajuya. Even them interacting in a sibling manor is few and far between.

Magi- Chapter 290

I’m glad Alibaba and Ren got to see each other. I am even happier that even after every thing that they have been through, they can still laugh together.

What I really liked about this chapter and all Magi is that it is incredibly realistic and repressive of human 003nature. Ren fell Sinbad and now after fining out he used her, can’t let that go. She hates him. She hates that her country is being destroyed and crumbling beneath her.

I like all characters have changed. They are still at the core the same person they were, with their personality and core ideal. But, they are shaped by the event that have happened through out the story. I really like that development were no one is the same. There are so many shonens were this doesn’t happen.

Monsuta Musume-No New Chapter

I Am A Hero-No New Volume

Next week I’ll be adding Baku No Hero Academia.

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