Yojimbo isn’t based of any thing. It’s an original movie that was influenced by american westerns and went on to influence the world. The movie first came out in 1961.

yojimbo1First and for most, man bun. The only time you should be wearing a man bun is if you are Toshiro Mifune, lead in this movie as the nameless wondering ronin. He is the only man I have seen to date with a man bun and looks sexy as hell. I have to wonder about a person if they spend more time on their hair then me. I have to defluff my hair every morning.

This movie was inspired by the old American westerns. American westerns were cheesy and more comedies then dramas. This movie took ideas from american westerns and made it their own. From the lone gunman (sword man) to the two gangs fighting each other. Even the way600px-Yojimbo-swm2-3 this movie was shot comes from American Westerns. But, they did it hundreds of times better. Because of that, westerns after this movie took ideas from Yojimbo and the rest of the movies in the franchise. Every thing from Clint Eastwood movies, to SNL skits and even Samurai Jack episodes have been influenced and inspired by Yojimbo.

Not only is the cinematography awesome, the plot is great. Simple but ED-AM050_yojimb_G_20100816162815complex all at the same time. One guy comes in to town needing food, money and work. He plays both sides of opposing forces to get what he needs. After every thing falls apart he steps up saves the town and goes on his way. We never even know his name. He gives a fake one to every one in the town and never reveals his real one to any one. It’s not made in to a big deal because we don’t need his name. His actions speak more about him then a name ever could.

Watching this movie today, I wasn’t bored in the slightest. It was the perfect length and the perfect pacing. It’s hard to find movies like that now. So many movies are made now to have sequel or tell their story Yojimbo-1961-pic-11over the course of three hours. This is about an hour and a half.

If you have never watched Yojimbo it is time to add it to your Netflex list. This is one of those you should watch with in your life time. But, unlike other classic movies, that are boring and unreverent now or just plain long or to overly dramatic for there own good. This movie keeps up with modern times and surpasses many of top grossing movies.

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Photo Credit: Yojimbo, Toho Co. Ltd.