Sugar Dark is written by Enji Arai and illustrated by Mabae. It was first published in 2009, in Japan. It  was the first novel in six years that managed to win the grand prize in the Sneaker Bunko LN Competition. The light novel has yet to be officially released in the United States. There also has yet to be an official English translation. There have been a few translation groups that have take on this project and it is relatively easy to get a Japanese copy.

063c9589-5668-4e4b-9f28-d11921509c89The thing that I like about this novel, is it has a full complete world. No thing in the world feel odd of out of place. Also, there is an answer to all the questions that you have. Every thing is told when you need to know it. Even if you don’t understand some thing when it is first introduced, you will learn about it when it is necessary for the story. When the story ended I didn’t feel like there was any lose ends of any kind.

If you like monsters then this is a great book for you. There are plenty of monsters. They aren’t your typical western monsters such as werewolves and vampires either. Also, they are not Japanese monsters either. They are Arai’s creations. I love when authors make their own creatures. The description of each and every monster makes you just think they are capable of horrible horrible death and destruction.

Muoro Reed, the main character, is a like able sympathetic character. He 53568451201004101002281490542281542_002really has nothing to go back to even if his sentace of manual labor ended. Maybe the military, were he was doing the exact same work he was doing in the graveyard. Through the whole book is looking for a way out and then evolves into a person willing to give up his life for Meria Mas Grave. I love seeing characters grow and change because of some one else. All the way up to the end he is doing every thing for him self. Then he realizes that Meria needs to escape more then he ever did.

I’ve talked about this before with light novels, how they are great stories or great ideas, but they are written to be a long series. There are some series that I like, but putting in a 20 vouvel commitmet isn’t always what I signed up for. This one is a single novel. There is talk about an other one but there hasn’t been one yet. Also, if 01there is an other novel, be it a sequel to this one or an other story in this world, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a complete story. I don’t feel a need for an other one, because the story ended.

If you can find a copy of this book, read it. It is well written and very enjoyable. It is not a long commitment like so many other light novels. Even though it is a one shot  you don’t feel cheated. It is a full complete story that is dark and dramatic. It is well worth the read.

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Photo Credit: Sugar Dark, Arai Enji, Mabae