Aoharu X Machinegun, Aoharu X Kikanjuu in Japanese, is based on the manga by the same name. It is written and illustrated by NAOE. The manga first came out in early 2013 and is still ongoing. Since it is not finished and the anime didn’t finish the story I’m most likely going to add it to This Week in Manga, because I want to know what happened. The anime is 12 episodes long and literally as I was writing this article an special came out. Even though it didn’t come out with the original run, I am adding to this review. Because you bet I watched it on  the 10th.

maxresdefaultThe main thing that I like about this anime is that it is fake war fare. Unlike so many other animes that deal with a military and war setting this one has those elements but in the end no one dies. Even though people treat it like the real thing in the end every one is alive a well. Like many other ones the “death” scenes are dramatic and some times drug out, but in this one you aren’t surprised when some one survives. You know every one will, because it is not real. Even though it’s not real, the tactics are still very military. Also, just because it’s fake doesn’t mean there is any less dram or intensity.

Even though it’s just a game all the characters get really into it. Which make you get reallyscreen-shot-2015-08-29-at-10-53-51-am into it. Every thing is completely explained as well. Even if you have never heard of survival games. You come out knowing what they are and how they work at least in Japan. I am always for an anime that teaches me some thing new.

The best part isn’t the action, which is awesome, or the animation, that is so pretty. It’s the characters. Each one has their own baggage and they are flawed. They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes just like real people. Wait anime characters acting like real people? Yes! This is the anime, that does it. Hotaru continually lies to Matsuoka and Yuki because she doesn’t want to be kicked off the team for being a girl. Matsuoko pushes Hotaru away because he doesn’t want her to QC6XHWgleave him first. Yuki hates almost any one who joins Toy Gun Gun, because he doesn’t trust any one but Motsuoka. Watching them work through their issues and how those issues effect every one around them, is great. Also, at no point do you feel like it is over dramatized or fake. You believe every single emotion that every character has.

It is not surprise that Matsuoka and Yuki don’t realize Hotaru is a girl. She is very masculine and even talks like a boy. In many languages words are masculine and feminine, Japanese is one of those languages. She dresses like a boy not because she screen-shot-2015-08-29-at-10-50-55-amwants to be a boy but because she finds the out fits more comfortable. Even though I can understand them not realizing it, they should have figured it out. They spend a lot of time with her and don’t realize it. Admittedly they are quite dense when it comes to things like that, but still.

This show is really fun and enjoy able. If you like action blended with comedy. This is the show for you. If you like deep characters that effected by all their old baggage but not to the point of annoyance, this is the show for you. It was one of my favorites from the fall 2015 season.

Join me next week when I watch Tokyo Ghoul.

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Photo Credit: Aoharu X Machinegun, NAOE, Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., Yen Press, Brain’s Base,Sentai Filmworks