Komori-san Can’t Decline,  Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! in Japanese, is a four panel manga written and illustrated by Cool-kyō Shinja. It was first published in 2012 and is still running. The anime, has the same title, is 13 episodes and aired in 2015 during the fall season. The anime fallows Komori, a tall large breasted middle school student, who can not decline any request as she likes to be helpful.

75ab8ce499cf34145ee501f953cb09b21445030998_fullFor the most part this is a very simple cute anime. It’s just about a middle school girl, Komori, who likes being helpful and needed. She can’t say no to any one. This includes letting people go to the bathroom before her and helping out around the school. Every one asks for her help knowing that she will not turn them down. That’s it that’s the show.

There really isn’t much to say about this show. Why? Because it’s only 26 minutes long. I am not talking about one episode, the whole 13 episodes is 26 minutes long. Each episodelBy2UiH1pi is exactly two minutes long. I was entertained by it and I found it cute. But, there really isn’t much else.

The manga is written by the same magaka who wrote I Can’t Under Stand What my Husband is Saying. Were I love that show and how much is squeezed into each two minute episode this one didn’t much seem to have a point.

FbjOvIVThe main this I found very distracting through out the 23 minutes was, Komori her self. She is very tall by any standards. Also, she has larger boobs even by anime standards. Then you compare them to every one else in the show and wonder were they came from. If she looked differently I would have most likely saw the show differently. I was just distracted by her appearance through the whole entire thing.

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Photo Credit: Komori-san Can’t Decline, Cool-kyō Shinja, Artland Inc.