Claymore, Kureimoa in Japanese, is written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi. It was first published in 2001. The series ran for 13 years till 2014, it lasted for 24 volumes. The manga spawned a 26 episode anime in 2007, by the same name. There is also a game based off the series, Claymore: Gingan no Majo, that came out in 2009.

11046_claymoreMy favorite thing about this series, hands down has to be the art. Yagi has a very distinct art style. It makes his characters look very alien and inhuman. That works wonders for this story. Since all the Claymores are no longer human and carry yomas inside them. There are scenes where they no longer look human. But, there are also scenes were they look very human. It completely fits what emotion he wanted to convey. That is awesome. I love it when artist change art styles for different characters or situations. Atsushi Ōkubo  did this in Soul Eater and Kōhei Horikoshi is doing this in My Hero Academia, Boku no Hīrō Akademia.

Even though the characters aren’t always human or human looking doesn’t mean they aretumblr_lqvc20al5T1qcv87bo1_1280 any less human. All the characters have depth and their own personalities. Their isn’t a time when I thought this is just a character they really don’t have any importance or they are boring. Clare is very strong, mentally and physically, but she ends up falling in love with Raki. Raki accepts Clare and all the other Claymores just how they are. He doesn’t want them to be human or change how they are, he just accepts them. Helen and Deneve are both fighting emotional demons. They help each other through their struggles and become stronger and closer because of it. 

claymore-2454389The world Yagi made is really interesting. It is a full complete world. There are religions, there’s full complete towns and cities. The best part is there is a history, it doesn’t feel like it is just a world that is just around for the story and no longer there once the story is over. It feels like it will keep going and still is.

The only problem I have with Claymore is the end. Not because it ended or how it ended. But, in the end many many characters are introduced. It is understandable because it is an all out war between the Organization and the Claymores. But, we got so many new characters that is seemed a little jumbled. When I say a little I mean a lot. I didn’t have trouble remembering all the characters just figuring out who all of them were. It was like ok this person was brought back to life and this person who this person who is still alive, but so does this other dead person. There was slight confusion.

Claymore in it’s whole is a fun action adventure that doesn’t over sexualize these bad ass2uzau81 fighters just because they are girls. They are will rounded characters who are strong and bad ass who happen to be woman. Also, just because the main characters are female, doesn’t mean they put down men. All the male characters are also strong well rounded characters who kick ass right next to the woman. If that doesn’t make you want to read it then at least do it for the art.

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Next week I will be reading Gokusen.


Photo Credit: Claymore, Norihiro Yagi, VIZ Media, LLC, Shueisha Inc.