An other week as come and gone and an other round of manga has come out. These are the series that I am currently reading and staying updated with. This is just my opinion and my thoughts. If you think differently or have other thoughts I’d love to hear from you. Put everything down in the comments down below.

Fairy Tail Chapter 479

000The first thing I have to say about this chapter is you got to love a Lucy Nastu tag team. if the beginning of the series Lucy couldn’t keep up with Nastu. She was strong but he was stronger. I’m really happy to see them able to fight side by side. Also, Lucy’s outfit is on point as always when she uses Star Dress.

Then we get the group shot of Fairy Tail. One of my favorite part about this series is the group shots. Because, every member of Fairy Tail gets to shine at some point. They may not be the main cast but they all get their moment. That is awesome. To much in manga do the side characters not get to shine or fight a big bad. Sure they will be there in the group shot, but never really save the day or do anything that is extraordinary. It’s different in Fairy Tail.

Next we get Natsu, with again, no restraint. I like that every one just knows, if you don’t want things destroyed you shouldn’t have let Natsu near it. But, I think that can go for any one in the guild. Fairy Tail is pretty destructive when you think about it. But they always win the day and they are charming while doing it, so I guess we’ll forgive them for that.

I’m really liking how this arc is going. I want to know how every thing will end, literally. I can easily see this being the end of the series but if it’s not I’m totally alright with that.

Bleach Chapter 668006

There is only one thing that I am going to talk about in this chapter. And that is Kenpachi’s banki. I did not see that coming. I mean it makes sense but wow. I’m glad Yachiru. It had been a while since we’d seen her. I honestly think about 100 chapters. That is a long time.

That means even though Kenpachi never realizes it he has always know his banki. Not only that his banki has always supported him and been with him no matter what. I am really looking forward to what happens next.

Boku no Hero Achemia Chapter 85

boku-no-hero-academia-7313125First off if you are not reading Hero Achemia you need to. It’s like x-men meets Japanese high school. Needless to say it’s awesome. This could have easily become a gag manga or a pure comedy manga, but the writing style reminds me of  Hiromu Arakawa (writer, artist and creator of Fullmetal Alchist and Silver Spoon).

When you hear Midohiya’s mom telling him to quit school, Yuuei, and you know he’s not, it’s breaks your heart in to little tiny pieces. This is after she was so proud of him and encouraged him to go. She is literally telling him do not be a hero. The one thing he has always wanted. That is intense and crazy.

Then we have all the regular citizens opinion of heroes turning negative. Even though the school did the right thing and did their best, every one wanted them to win. They wanted them to win all the time and never let the bad guys have the upper hand. The general population sees it as it’s their job to defeat evil and if they can’t do their job how are they going to protect me.

I really hope this series doesn’t become super dark or just a drama. Even though it can deal with really deep and dark topics it can still keep it’s comedic undertones. I really hope it keeps that balance because it could easily not and turn into a dark brooding drama.

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 168000

Not a whole lot happened this chapter. We got to see what is going on with the Holy Knights and the Ten Commandments. But, I’m not overly invested in those characters so I really didn’t care that much. I’m a huge fan of the Seven Deadly Sins, so I just want to get back to them. It looks like the next chapters with be about the other fights in the maze. Which I’m quite happy about. Those should be good chapters.

We did get a very nice color title page witch I am always down for. I love getting color pages they make me happy.

Magi Chapter 300

002So, Alibaba is slowly making his rounds to every one so that they know he is not dead. I like seeing all the characters again and their reactions to him being alive, but he hasn’t met up with the two people that he’s looking for, Aladdin and Morgiana. I ship Alibaba and Morgiana so hard. They make an adorable couple. I really hope they end up together.

But, this chapter alludes to her being with some one. Which I am happy for her if she found happiness but you know she loves Alibaba. Ugh, shipping angst. Sorry don’t mind me.

I really like how much time moved on. how much changed and happened. Time skips are always great to see where all the characters have been and are now going. It’s also great for a bit of comic relief. Like Toto and Olba now married with two sons. The reaction of Alibaba is great. He’s kind of like the reader going along see where ever one is.

These series did not update this week but I will keep them on the list and once they do update I will give my review.

Monst Musume no iru Nichijou

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Say ‘I Love You’

Silver Spoon

I’m a Hero

Next week I’ll be adding One Piece to the list.

Do you have a manga you want me to read? Let me know in the comments down below.


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