Death Parade, Desu Parēdo in Japanese, is an original anime that came out in 2015. It was written, directed, and created by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Madhouse. It is a continuation of the short Death billards, Desu Biriyādo in Japanese.

death-parade-01-large-31One of the reasons I like anime is because of the animation. I am a sucker for good animation. Which is one of the reasons I don’t watch some of the more popular shows, such as Naruto, One Piece, and Fairy Tail. The shows need to come out so fast that the animation suffers. Also it’s cheaper if the animation isn’t as good. So, I can really appreciate good animation in anything. This is a combination between CGI and traditional animation. I really like when there is a good combination. I really adds a depth to the word that just isn’t there with traditional animation.

There is such a lack of original shows in anime. Which I understand. The studios and DeathParadeEDcompanies need to make money to continue to create any thing. But, every single season there are only about one or two shows that are original. If that. This is one of the original shows. It is based on a short, which honestly is just like an other episode of the show. And the short it’s self is also an original work. I am more willing to watch some thing that is original. One because I have no idea what will happen and I can’t go read the light novel or the manga to find out. I just have to watch the show. Two because it’s always good to support original work, there is to much regurgitation and fan work out there. And, three I am tiered of things that are just like every thing else. There are so many shows that are just like that other show out there. We or at least I need a break from that some times.

maxresdefault1Even though the show is an original work and I do want to support it full heartedly, that does not mean it is perfect. The show does drag a little bit in the middle. The story changes from it just being about he two people that come to Quindecim bar to it being about Decim and Chiyuki and their interaction together. In the end every thing works but that one or two extra episode while you wait for the story to actually start is a little boring.

death-parade-episode-11-20-28_2015-03-21_14-57-33The main premise and idea running throughout he whole show is you have to value your life and try to understand other people. Since you never really know what other people are thinking you need to try to put your self in their shoes and have a little bit of empathy. This is a great message and it seem every easy. But, it can be incredibly hard. Even though it is hard and some times almost impossible you have to do it in order to live a good life. No only do you have to try and under stand other people as best you can, you need to hold your own life in high regard and value.

death-parade-image-5As a whole the show is great. It dives in to the deeper parts of a person’s soul and asks why would a good person do bad things. Or what would drive any person to kill an other. I suggest it if you’re alright with blood, because there is a lot through out the whole show. It deals with more mature themes and really heavy themes. So, aware of that before you start watching this series.

Next week join me for some thing much lighter, I’m watching Azumanga Dio.

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Photo Credit: Death Parade,  Yuzuru Tachikawa, MADHOUSE Inc.