Patema Inverted, Sakasama no Patema in Japanese,  came out in 2013. It was released in 2014 in North America and Europe. It was originally released as a a four part OVA that spanned about 30 minutes and later it was made into an hour and a half movie. The move was written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. Purple Cow Studios Japan was the animation studio.

patemadvd-001I like the concept of this movie, that gravity was reversed for certain people. Since no one would really understand how it feels to fall into the sky it makes for an intersting story and fear. That being said your can’t center  a whole story around just having a fear of some thing that will never effect the audience. The fear of death and dieing is real but that is were the simarlies end.

The movie turned into a religious crazy dictator oppressing every one and making them thing they way he does. And, if they don’t comply they they’ll be killed. Also, it was fear ofpatema-inverted-06 some thing that is new and different. These aren’t new idas. They are good ideas because they are still current and all ways will be. But, that means they are over used. There is always going to be movies about people who are afraid of some thing new and different. Some one making other people go along with their ideal. They control every one through fear. Theses things need to be shown and taught because they need to stop happening, but they story it’s self gets over used and boring when it is shown over and over.

patema_hires_2The whole point of the move is to accept people no matter how different they are from you. And, that they are always going to be people who don’t want to because they are scared. Again this is a very simple story and is a good message but so over used that people are tiered of seeing it.

The move is a very cool and intersting idea. I like that gravity would be reversed. But they movie it’s self is’t really anything new and interesting. It has good animation but I would not recommend it unless you have and hour and a half to kill.

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PhotoCredt: Patama Inverted, Yasuhiro Yoshiura, Purple Cow Studios Japan, Cinedigm Corp., Guerrilla Kids International Distribution Syndicate