An other week has come and gone and there be new manga to talk about!

Fairy Tail Chapter 480

014All I have to say is Dam Hiro Mashima! I know you like to go dark and gritty, but the series as has been a bit more on the lighter side recently. Cut, seeing the members of Sabertooth and Pagasus crucified, collared and harassed. Wow. I was not expecting that. I am glad it happened though. Mashima does a great job at balancing gritty drama with comedy and romance.

I am not happy this happened to these characters but I like were this arc is going. This will be the hardest battle yet for Fairy Tail. What makes it even harder it seeing their friends beaten and destroyed. They have to go into this fight knowing they don’t have back up they are the last wave of defense. If they don’t stop them there is no one else who will.

Bleach Chapter 669006

I got to say not much happened in this chapter.So, I really don’t have much to say
about this chapter. Kenpachi got his bankai, which I can enjoy I like seeing all of the characters bankais. But, at the end of the day I’d much rather see the plot progress then a cool new move some one can do.

Boku no Hero Achemia Chapter 86

boku-no-hero-academia-7351675As much as I don’t want the hero society to end I think it would make for a better story if the heroes were forced out. I don’t see that happening honestly. I see the heroes saving the day like they always do. But, I would love to see it happen.

An other thing I think would be great to happen, would  be all the kids have to step into the hero rule before they are ready. Like all the adults go in to fight the bad guys and they lose. So, all the kids have to leave their training to take over where the adults left off. Again I don’t see that happening, but I would love to be surprised by it.

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 169

Gowther is not human, he doesn’t understand how humans think and that is his 024strength and his weakness. He can fight without emotion getting in the way and with out any remorse. But, he doesn’t know how humans really think. When he tries to push Escanor in to despair it really just gives him hope. It gives him strength to keep going.

Since we only recently met Escanor we don’t know much about him. I would love to get to know him better. At least understand his power more. Also, I can see him just putting a royal beating down on Gowther. The only problem with that is Jerico is Gowther’s partner. I really like Jerico. At first I didn’t but she has become one of my favorites.

Magi Chapter 301

002I just got to say, I love the fact that at times how self aware these characters are. Here is Sindad and Alibaba talking about a side story about Sindad. They know every thing about it and it’s great. But, it isn’t like some other mangas that you need to read the side stories in order to understand something that happens in the main story. Well on to the main story.

I kind of knew some thing would happen to put a wrench in the plan. Every thing was going so smoothly recently. It wasn’t like the normal flow of the story. I knew conflict would come up. Since it was the last person who they needed of course the Partevian emperor would mess some thing up.

Also, I am still waiting for Aladdin and Morgana to show up. I miss them.

One Piece Chapter 822

So we have the whole straw hat crow gearing up to save Sanji. Normal team gearing up017 stuffs. Nami gets an up grade on her weapon. Luffy does some thing stupid with all the best intentions. I have to admit the best part about this chapter is every one’s faces are Luffy jumps off the elephant, of course with crew in tow. You know normal stuffs.

Then we get Vivi. We’ve seen her multiple times in the chapter cover pages so we know what she’s been up to. Now it looks like she’s meeting back up with the straw hats. That is some think I can get behind. I like that in One Piece old characters show up again. And not only do they show up again but they’ve changed and gown just like the other characters that we see all the time. I really like that about One Piece. Where in other manga when we don’t see a character they don’t change until we see them again. There is a lot of off screen things that happen. Even though technically they are not off screen because they happen in the chapter opening page.

These chapters did not update this week but I am keeping them on here for you to see what I am reading.

Monst Musume no iru Nichijou

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Say ‘I Love You’

Silver Spoon

I’m a Hero

Next week I’ll be adding Shingeki No Kyojin or SNK or Attack on Titan to the list.

Do you have a manga you want me to read? Let me know in the comments down below.


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