Azumanga Dio, literally Great King Azumanga in English, was first published in 1999. It ran for 3 years till 2002. It was written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma. The manga is done in four panel form, many say Azuma has mastered this form, and because of that the anime in 130 shorts put together in to 26 episodes. The anime was released in 2002. There have been two sound tracks that go along with the anime. There is also a puzzle game similar to mahjoun released for playstation.

screenshot-azumanga-daioh-episode-15-avi-31In my early days as an inspiring anime fan. I had no idea what an otaku was and it was before the vast use of the internet. I got the internet at school and that was it. My faverote video game as a kid was Organ Trail. Yea, I’m old. But, I digress. Azumanga Dio was not my first but it was one of the first mangas I read. I got it from the local library and read it mulitpul times and checked it out many more times after that. Then once I got the internet at home I was one it more then not. And I found Azumanga Dio the anime. I loved it. I was in middle school at the time and was trilled. This was my favorite slice of life for years.

I rewatched the show to do this review. I have to say it is no longer my favorite slice of lifegiphy-facebook_s but I still enjoyed it. My favorite now is I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. The reason for this is I got older. Were Azumanga Dio is more about growing up and being an adult, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying is about being an adult. These shows are both the same comedy and about life but just different parts of your life. I still love Azumanga Dio and will happily recommend it. I have just grown up and that is what the show is all about.

facepalmThe best part of the series has to be the last episode. Not because it’s over but because it shows how far every one went. In the end all the characters are going separate ways. They are graduation high school and going off to higher education. Though out all the entrance exams, waiting for results and figuring out what they all want to do every one supports each other. They help each other study and decide on their career. Even though they are all going on separate paths they are all happy. It’s the feeling of sadness and happiness in one. You feel that along with the characters. When a show is able to do that for you it meazumanga_daioh_endingans you loved that show and it’s written well.

I am very happy I saw this show first when I was younger and it still is some thing I’ll cherish. I highly suggest this show. It was one of the few slice of life animes that I enjoyed and still do. Even though it doesn’t grow up with you it’s ok. That’s the point of the show. You are meant gro
w and go on from it. Just like you graduating from high school or middle school.

Next week I will be watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

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