Boku no Hero Academia is one of the left over shows from the Spring season. It currently in it’s second season and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. That is something I’m very excited about. 

When it for stated, Boku no Hero Academia could have easily become just like any other generic shonen. And in the beginning it looked like it might. Then we get to about this point. Now, I’m not going to pull the whole I read the manga card. But, I’ve read the manga and still am. I not going to throw any spoilers, but let it be known I can. All I’m going to say is, I am looking forward to what is about to happen. I can’t wait to see certain scenes animated. For those who it is the first time seeing this, know you are in for some awesome anime.

This episode was a little different from the ones we have been getting. The last arc we went through was the sports festival and every episode was action packed. This episode takes place mostly in the 1-A classroom. There isn’t any action or adventure, it’s almost all talking.

That type of episode could easily turn into a very boring episode or a clip show, It wasn’t. It showed character growth and development in a way only a non-action episode can.

ubdwajrMidoriya is starting to step out of All Might’s shadow by choosing his hero code name to be Deku. Since it’s been kind of a badge of dishonor for him, he’s making it his own. He no longer wants to just be a clone of All Might. He still will have ties to him and want to live up to the power that has been passed down to him, but he’s doing it his own way. He knows he can’t just be a copy of the last person to have All for One. He has to take that power and make it his own or he’ll never be able to control it.

Then we have Iida, he’s kind of in the same boat as Midoriya. He is trying to live up to his brother’s legacy. And now, since his brother can no longer be a hero he had enormous shoes to fill. Also, his brother’s attacker is still on the loose. Iida’s brother told him to take his name, Ingenium, he wants Iida to become a great hero. Also, he’s passing to torch to his brother. Not able to take the Ingenium name yet, he chooses to use his own name.

Even though this was a fun episode where we see all of class 1-A’s personalities shine, 147684913717955-1there’s still dark undertones to the episode. Iida only chose one place for his internship: the city his brother was attacked. Throughout the episode he puts on a happy face and tells Midoriya his brother is going to be fine, though in reality he’s struggling through the whole time. He wants to find his brother’s attacker and bring him to justice. He can’t live up to the Ingenium name just yet, so he hides from it.

With all these issues starting to build and all the dark under tones, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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