Kyōkai no Rinne, or just Rinne, is another show that is carrying over from the spring season. Not only is it carrying over from the spring season it is also the third season of the show.

Since the last season, the episodes have been split up into two or three small stories. Every once in a while we get a full episode dedicated to one event or in the same area. For the most part though, one episode is made up of two or three smaller episodes.

A18755-662986091.1487181057It reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons here in America. We would get a story, then a commercial break, then another story. The two were never linked. As a kid I didn’t notice much, but now as an adult, I wish it was more full story all the way through the episodes.

It’s not that I’m surprised, it is written by Rumiko Takahshi. Most of her work is very episodic. Even the beginning of Inuyasha, my personal favorite of hers, starts off that way as well. Once the ground work for her story is explained in the first few chapters and characters are introduced, the rest of the story is just taking those characters and putting them in situations.

This episode is a prime example of this. The three stories that made up this episode did all have a theme, summer. It makes sense seeing as the first day of summer was only a few days before the episode aired. Also, the summer season is starting literally a week after this episode came out.

The first story was the “required” beach episode of summer. I’m honestly surprised they Kyoukai-no-Rinne-57-1-1280x720haven’t gone to an onsen yet. But, it kind of makes sense since Rinne would start crying blood at the cost. Anyway, they’re all on a beach to exorcise a beach house. Let’s explain: Rinne and Rokumon are there to exorcise a beach house and Sakura comes along because, you know, plot, and she helps Rinne a lot. Tsubasa, Ageha, Matsugo, and Anju are also there.

Lets go down the list as to why they are there. Tsubasa fallowed Sakura, who followed Rinne, because he didn’t want her to be alone in a beach house with Rinne. Ageha followed Rinne, because she didn’t want him to be alone in a beach house with Sakura. (Honestly, I think Ageha and Tsubasa should just get together and be happy, but that’s just my opinion). Matsugo followed Rinne, because he’s in love with him and will go any where he does. Anju followed Matsugo, because she’s in love with him and will go any where he does. I think Takahshi is mistaking stalking with relationship development. Oh yea, Oboro and Kuromitsu also make an appearance, because they’re Ageha and Mastugo’s black cats respectively.

x01-Rinne-Ageha-Sakura-356x200Seeing as there are so many people there, and Rinne and Rokumon get distracted by food so easily, it’s no surprise they forget why they are there and Sakura is the voice of reason. This falls on deaf ears. By happenstance, they find out what is possessing the house. It’s a tree. A literal tree. Well, the tree that was used to make the support pillar in the house. It’s mad because it can’t see the ocean, as it’s facing the wrong way.

And since there are so many people there and none of them really want to work, it gets mad and turns its self, which destroys the house. Yea, beach episode. We saw every one in a swim suit?

The second one doesn’t fall directly in the summer theme, but it happens in summer time. All I’m going to say about this one is…cucumber horse and eggplant cow. If you’re as confused as I am, don’t worry it’s just a culture thing. There is a myth that they transport spirits to our world and back. I don’t know why. It’s just again a culture thing. I had to google search information for this. I really didn’t understand why no was batting an eye at a giant eggplant. I’m sure eastern cultures look at some of our stuff with “What the…”.

Also, lesson of the day from this episode, don’t judge a book by it’s cover children. It could kill you.

And, finally we get the summer festival episode. Every one is in a yukata, including Kyoukai-no-Rinne-36-20Rinne whose rental fee was paid by a customer. He’s there to stop Renge who is stealing souls. Kain is also there to stop a Damashigami from stealing souls. He of course doesn’t know it’s Renge, and since he likes her, that person can do no wrong in his eyes. Again, I really don’t think Takahshi understands how real romance and relationships work.

Renge stops stealing souls so she won’t get caught by Kain and Rinne is helping her for some reason. Then, since Suzu is a small child and a headache Kain doesn’t need, he has to leave. And, drum roll, she goes back to stealing souls. Rinne tries to stop her but she gets away. Only to have all her balloons, where the souls are being kept, popped by Suzu.

Kyoukai-no-Rinne-36-55-1280x720Kain doesn’t get his Damashigami. Rinne doesn’t get to keep 500 yen that was given for expediences. And, Renge doesn’t get to keep the souls she caught. So, no one wins. Well except Suzu who had a great time.

As much as I am making fun of the stories and episode, it’s fun to watch. It’s enjoyable because of how silly and ridiculous it is. Nothing makes sense and that’s ok. It’s a show you can sit down and just enjoy and make fun of the ridiculousness of it all. No matter what Takahshi does it’s always enjoyable, even if there isn’t a massive amount of depth to it.


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