Continuing from the spring season, Re:Creators is about half way through its run. So far it has taken character archetypes that we know from anime, manga, video games, and light novels and chucked them into our world. They’ve been forced to have to adapt or die.

img-re-creators-op-gravitywall-by-sawanohiroyukinzktiellegemie-733This is one of those shows that is taking genres we know and love, bringing them into a new light and blending them into something new and different. Unlike most anime that can only do that with one genre, Re:Creators takes from every major anime genre, because the setting is our world, not theirs.

This causes the creations, characters that have been pulled out of their world into ours, to change and develop in ways they never could in the confines of their story. Not only does it focus on the creations, it also focuses on the creators. Or, the one making all these stories. The creators look at their characters in a whole new light, because now they are living breathing entities to them. This is instead of just writing or drawing on a page.

An example of this is Mamika. Being a magical girl, she is used to winning the day with friendship and never seeing death and destruction. When she fights in our world, bystanders are hurt and her opinionated becomes close to death. She learns quickly not everyone is good. You can’t talk your way out of battle. Even though she learns thesemamika things, she doesn’t want to believe it. She wants every one to be redeemable, she wants to see the good in everyone. Even though that’s a great quality to have it can be easily manipulated and it is.

Mamika is trying to do the right thing and it gets her killed. When she tries to talk and reason with Altair, she realizes there is no stopping her that way. As a last resort Mamika uses her final attack, ultimately resulting in her death.

Where Mamika can fight in her world because there is no real consequences, she can’t fight in ours. She is not a fighter like most of the other characters. She is a lover, a protector. She doesn’t want people to get hurt and that doesn’t work in our world.

recreators8stabI’m glad they actually killed a character. Though I must say, I’m sad it was Mamika, I was misty eyed. In so many anime that try to be dark and deep, no character actually dies or loses anything. At least not permanently. Ultimately there’s no real stakes and this one there is.

An other character, Yūya, loses Hangaku to Magane. If it’s a permanent loss, we will find out in time. But, it’s something that would have never happened in his manga. It can happen in this world. With how his character is, he doesn’t want to talk about it, but you can tell it’s affecting him.

Then there is Selesia, who almost dies. Again, something that would never happen in her anime or light novel. Takashi saves her with quick thinking, but the effects are only temporary. As she is in critical condition, she can’t even walk right now because of how hurt she is. Whereas in her story she’d heal in an episode or two, in our world she’s going to be down and recreators-ep10out for a while.

Not only are the creations becoming more and more human, but creators or our world characters are very human and relatable. They don’t fall into the normal anime character archetypes either. Sota, our main character, is flawed. However, he’s flawed in a way that understandable and relatable. Because he’s flawed, it makes him a better character. I was worried he wouldn’t come clean about Setsuna. Or, everyone else would find out his connection to her and then get mad about it.

At first I really didn’t like him not talking about it. I was worried it would cause the show to fall into overused generic anime plots. It surprised me and didn’t do it. Even though it’s hard for him and he’s embarrassed by his actions, Sota tells everyone everything. He fully expects them to hate him. While they aren’t happy he kept it from them, they understand. Again, his actions and their reactions are very human. Which is something 35cce30685c11f59f2cdb91f3e393c184697b8ee_hqwe don’t get a lot in anime.

The realism in this anime is crazy. And I love it!

It’s great to see an anime changing and developing. Doing things differently. We need more stories like this–not just anime, stories. When you experience something so different from what your used to it’s a breath of fresh air. There’s a reason Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television. I can only hope Re:Creators gets the love and respect it deserves.

This episode, is getting us ready for the full attack on Altair. I love that it’s not “oh we have to do this” and it happens in the next two episodes. No, they may have won the battle but they are losing the war. And, they know it.

It’s going to take massive work and effort to finish this. And it’s going to take a ton of different cogs to all turn at the same time. Knowing there are 13 more episodes makes me C85ao59UMAAzkNLlook forward to watching all of them. They have to make every thing work and click perfectly and I know it’s not going to.

I want to know what will go wrong and how they are going to fix it. How are they going to get over hurtles and challenges that they can’t even think of? Altair even said more characters are going to be coming into play. I want to know if those characters are from other stories or from the ones that are already there.

All I know is I want more. And I can’t wait to see what the summer season brings us.


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