When you are young, you have an idea of how the world is. How you’re supposed to act and how to be an adult. You act certain ways because you look up to someone, or you think that is what type of person you want to be. Or, you feel you have some thing to prove to every one.

In this episode we see all our young heroes starting to get that idea broken down. We see mhas2e14-4them start to take a step towards adulthood and who they are going to be as adults.

For Katsuki, he must realize that he isn’t the best. He might be top in his class or one of the strongest students. But, that doesn’t match with the real world. Within seconds of this internship he’s pinned, he can’t move, not because of anything he did, but because he is weaker then his opponent. Thinking he is the best only made him weaker. He didn’t think someone else could be beat him.

Learning how wrong he is will only make him stronger. The only question is, will that mhas2e14-5lesson actually stay or will he disregard it?

Izuku, who has worshiped All Might his whole life, must look past him now and make his own path. If he doesn’t, he will always be stunted with the idea of how do I become more like All Might? Is this something All Might would do?

Going away from that, and making the one for all his own power and not something he got from All Might, will make him stronger. If he doesn’t think of the power as his, he will never be as strong or stronger then All Might. Figuring out how to use his power, how to make it work for him, will make him all the stronger. He’s different from All Might so he has to use the all for one differently.

Alternatively Tenya, is placing a huge burden on himself. He wants to find his brother’s mhas2e14-2attacker. He want to avenge his brother. He knows he’s going to be the one taking on the Ingenium name and wants to live up to that. His brother was the reason he wanted to become a hero but now he’s stuck in his shadow, trying to live up to that role and ideal.

Shoto is in the same boat at Tenya but in a different way. He is trapped in his father’s shadow but desperately wants to leave it. He’s slowly becoming his own person and making his way out of his father’s shadow. But, he has a very long road ahead of him.

We got a new opening this week which looks awesome. It’s starting to foreshadow the darker aspect of the show that is coming. I know I said that last, but it’s great to see the mqdefaultopening start to mirror the show.

Then the new ending! Oh my god! I would pay so much money to see that AU become a reality. So! Much! Money! I want it so bad. You know that feeling when you see something and you didn’t know you needed that thing in your life so badly? That’s the feeling I have right now. So many feelings.


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