When I see a show that’s less then five minutes I wonder how they’re going to get anything done. But, Yamishibai does a great job at keeping you entertained and creeped out all at the same time.

The woman married her husband for a easy carefree life. It sounds like she married him yamishibai-japanese-ghost-stories-5701-1for the wrong reason and is now unhappy, going so far to say she hates kids. It’s no wonder a ghost wants to come in and take care of her child.

I love the endings of Yamishibai. The cliff hangers makes you think of the worst thing possible and then some. The human imagination is much worse then anything the show could show us.

It’s a good short show that knows how to use the time it’s given and I look forward to it every time.


All photos belong to Sentai Filmworks and ILCA