I know it’s not a common thing even in Japan, but it is a thing that happens: 14 year olds living by themselves. Most of the time it’s for them to go to school in the city while their parents live in the country. It’s not normally because they have no where else to go. 

Yushi Inaba is an orphan and he doesn’t want to burden his aunt and uncle anymore by staying with them. He looked forward to moving out and living in the dorms. When the plot begins and the dorms burn down, he has to find a new place to live. When his search becomes futile he starts to give up hope.

A small glimmer of hope happens when he finally finds a room within his price range. The only down side is the house is haunted. It starts off as a joke first and he doesn’t believe it, but he soon realizes it’s true and he is the newest residence of a haunted house.

When Yushi finds this out he starts to panic and debates leaving, which the rest of the tenants understand. Why would a normal person want to live in a haunted house with them? He decides to stay instead of fleeing, and so he is now going to go on an adventure in his new house.

I’m worried that this show will turn very episodic very quickly. It would be easy for it to feature a new monster or ghost every week, and focus on how Yushi interacts with them. I’m hoping there will be more plot then “this is the new monster this week.”

It could also easily go the route of stupid silly: relying on puns, awkward fish-out-of-water situations, and miscommunication and misunderstanding. I really don’t want it to go that way. I hope it has decent plot and shows Yushi actually wanting to know and understand his house mate. We can only hope and wait and see which way this show decides to go.


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