Wait, wait, cute cafe, delicious looking food, and fantasy characters and elements. Where has this show been all my life?! I’ll just be over here enjoying the eye candy for a bit.

restaurantjames.pngIf you can’t tell this is the kind of show I get excited for. I love fantasy. I love cooking. And I have a soft spot for cafe or restaurant shows, which, if I’m being honest, probably stems from my love of cooking.

The characters might be the shows weakness though. The chef, just known as Owner, doesn’t have much of a personality. Yes, he is kind and loves to cook. He isn’t fazed by the mythical creatures that come from the other world to his restaurant. But, besides that there really isn’t much more to him. As much as I enjoy the eye candy of the shows food, that can only keep me entertained for so long. I would like some character with it as well.

Seeing as it is only the first episode, they did do a good job at introducing all the characters and making sure you understand the setting. That being said, if there is no development from here on in, I’ll lose interest fast.

The main reason I like a restaurant show, like Working, is because of the characters. The another-world-2cute food is just a side bonus. It’s kind of like in gaming. There’s cute side quests available and you get some minor perks for doing them. The real main goal though, is still the main quest and that’s where the real meat is.

I am interested to see how all the characters are connected. We have the owner, the cute daemon girl, Aletta, and the dragon, Red-Queen. They all are part of the story and how they’ll tie in together has yet to be shown.

The animation of the show is nice. They took special care on the food, which I always find to be a plus. You can always count on Japan to make food look pretty. It’s important to them and you can see that.

restaurantnick.pngBeing a huge fantasy nerd I also, really like the creature and character design for all the restaurant guests. You have your wizard type, the barbarian, and even some monster lizard people. I’m wondering what other creatures and characters will wonder through the doors.

I hope this doesn’t fall flat and just become a soulless show that shows off food. I might still watch it for the eye candy, but it wouldn’t have the same enjoyment. I like some plot with my eye candy. I know, I’m demanding.


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