The idea of not having to look for that one person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is both depressing and exciting. As an adult who’s been in love and failed loves, I watch this show with a different perspective then a teenager just finding out about love.

When you’re young and you fall in love for the first time it’s completely different then mfPHosgmRT27gHtyj8JQawOIlZdwhen you fall in love as an adult. The first time you fall in love it’s new and exciting. You want to spend every moment with that person and you can’t think of your life with out them.

It’s new, it’s fresh, and you can’t get enough of this feeling. Then, heartbreak happens, and the person who brought you so much joy is the reason you’re in so much pain. First love hurts and is the worst… and every once in a while it lasts. Those are the lucky ones. Most people aren’t lucky.

In Love and Lies, the government chooses who you are going to marry. To combat low birth rates, they find your perfect match and that’s the one you are to spend the rest of your life with. Mind you, low birth rates are a huge problem in all of Asia, not just Japan. So, this is also a topical subject as well. It’s a nice idea, that you’re given a partner. And statistically arranged marriages typically do better then some or most other marriages. maxresdefault (3)

For Yukari, his parents don’t seem to be unhappy. From what little we see of them, they seem to be doing alright with the match they were given. That being said, in a world where love outside your arranged match in forbidden, it’s also a very sad and depressing state of affairs.

As much trouble and frustration I’ve personally had with relationships, I wouldn’t want to have a loveless life. But, not having to worry about who I’m going to marry and start a family with would be a stress off my shoulders.

lsEven saying all that, I wouldn’t choose that if I could. Finding my own way and figuring out who you love and what you want is a huge part of life. Also, falling in love with someone… there isn’t any thing like it in the world. I’d never give it up.

I’m wondering how things will turn out for Misaki and Yukari. They love each other but them being together is illegal. How will Yukari’s partner take it? I guess we will find out through the season.

The concept defiantly has me hooked and I want to see what happens next.


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