The Japanese title of this show is Isekai Shokudou; from now on, I will be using the English title of the show. I’m explaining now so no one gets confused. Like that’s not going to happen. At least I tried.

fo91530It looks like the dynamic of the show will be telling the customers’ backstory and using the restaurant as a central hub. Within the story, a new recipe will be featured each episode. I like this method, as it focuses more on the characters and has the food be more of a side dish. Even though it’s a side dish in the story it definitely steals the show.

The food looks delicious. The animation and care that goes into the food shots is wonderful. So much so, I want to look up recipes for each of the dishes and make them. Note to self: do not watch this show while hungry. You’ll end up eating your whole kitchen.

On that note of wanting to make all the food in this show, does any one have an idea00066285_1038589 what the soup is? I can’t really tell what kind it is from the few shots we had of it. I’m asking because I want to make it. It’s not for a friend, it’s for me. Me I tell you!

My only problem with this method of storytelling is we wont really see much development from the Owner or Aletta. They will be more back characters who make the main character, that is, the food, look good.

If this series becomes an episodic show in that format, I’m not complaining. I’ll happily enjoy the show and look into making the food. It just wont be a show like Food Wars, which uses the food as a way to move the plot forward; however, the story and characters aren’t overisekai_shokudou_01_1shadowed by this focus. It’ll be more along the lines of Wakakozake, where the food is the main character and the lead, Wakako, is more of just how we get to the food.

Both of these shows are enjoyable but for different reasons.


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