When this show started, the only thoughts that went through my head were “oh look an other magical girl like show, where every one is saved with the power of friendship or something like that.” Those shows are a dime a dozen. We don’t need more of those shows. So, I’m very happy I was wrong.

1-187Alternate history can go one of two ways, good or what the Fuuuu- are you doing. So far this is leaning towards good. Steam punk and alternate histories are hard but when done well and with respect, you get sorts of Yes!

On top of that you though in a spy espionage element to it, it’s just you don’t realize there was a hole till it gets filled. As the show went on I kept going “oh my god, thank you” more and more. This is a tough sell for a show. It is dark, it’s alternate history, it’s steam punk, it’s young girls but they aren’t sexulized in any way. Oh and it’s an original series. It’s not based on anything. How in the hell did this show get made?!

I don’t care just tell me what to do so I can have more of it. Which god to pray to, or give a sacrifice to. I will do it.

The show it’s self reminds me a bit of Gunslinger Girl with a little more of a political 1-66element to it. If it falls into that same vain of dark but nothing sexual like Gunslinger Girl, I will fully back it 100%. Young girls doing brutal things that normally is only slotted for boys and men in anime is amazing and there needs to be more of it. There needs to be more of these shows there needs to be more of these characters.

Watching the episode unfold and seeing how the girls work is great. They are actually doing spy work. Nothing is sugar coated nothing is left out. They do the dirty work they do all the research and leg work. They are the spies, they are not told what to do by some higher power. They have a mission and figure out how to complete it one their own.

vlcsnap-2017-07-10-20h24m45s991The scene at the end of the episode where Ange and Eric are talking about the lies they’ve told is amazing. They’ve been lieing to each other since the beginning. And, Ange happened to be the better lair. When he asks her are you going to kill me? She answers “No”. I was like, oh ok so the show isn’t going to go that dark. Then it did. She keeps saying no every time she pulls the trigger is great. Because to her her whole life is a lie. Because, that is the only way she can stay alive.

We need more of this. So much more. It’s just so good to get something new and refreshing. In the see of copy cats for anime.

All you have to know is I am just looking forward to everything that happens next with this show and so should you.


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