Alright here I go again.

So after some research, yes I actually did research for porn (yep this is my life), maxresdefault (1)technically this is not hentai. It’s ecchi. I don’t know if I believe that, but if the internet it’s true, it must be. Because, every thing on the internet is real.

The story so far is just a means to an end to get more kinky moments. Shizuka is pretty much being stalked by Ryo. There is nothing new or original about this plot especially for anime. For this genre it’s completely normal.

In most “romance” animes, there is a chaser and a chasie. Depending on there rating things a just light flirting or in this case full on sexy times. With lots of blushing and the chasie getting embarrassed/upset and running away. And, this show is no different.

I have a feeling that the next episode will be Ryo saying sorry or trying to calm down Shizuka. The way the show is going it will most likely be him yet again doing “things” to her.

I hope you all appreciate me trying to take this seriously and being graphic and 02-2-.pngprofound. Because, I am really trying here.

The only problem I have with this show is it’s less then four minutes long. That doesn’t leave much for story. I get it no one else is here for the story, but I care. Also, considering half of the show is carved out for a sex scene. There really is no time for plot. Again, I understand I’m the only one here for that.

But, is porn with a decent basic plot line to much to ask for? I’m not asking for good, I’ll take watch able. As of now it’s just a way to get to the smex.


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