Nothing is as it seems and every thing is a lie. Did you really expect anything different from a cold war spy drama?

Amazon.com_-Princess-Principal-Season-1_-Sentai-Filmworks-Google-Chrome-7_16_2017-10_48_12-AM-1It’s interesting they chose to go back in time here. It’s still a new show and we don’t know anything about these characters. Except they are spies. It’s smart but also a little risky. By doing this you realize every one is hiding something. But, what did you expect? It’s a show about spies. Where their whole life is a lie.

We learned Dorothy is actually a 20 year old impersonating a school girl. She is there to get close to the princess. Ange points out that is a bit of stretch. Which I have to agree with. In so many animes you see over developed high school girls. Where yes boobs do get that big but it’s normally in very late teens or early 20’s. Dorothy uses her god given talents to her advantage when needed, but she doesn’t relay on them.

The other thing we learn is that Ange isn’t her real name it’s Charlotte. And where a user on Reddit pointed out the note that is passed to the princess, who we know as Charlotte, Ange addresses her as Ange. Could it be that Ange is Charlotte and Charlotte is Ange. A Friend who made the ultimate sacrifice and took her friends place to keep her safe? If all this is true, that’s a bold move to reveal all this so early.

It’s only the second episode and the princess might not be the princess but a top spy and8hVJYE7 later assassin. That’s a pretty bad ass princess if you ask me.

None of these characters are bad characters. I’m not saying they are not the bad guys because they are doing bad things. I’m saying the are well written characters. Again that is a lot to ask for in an anime. So, often you see archetypes being used so it’s easier for the audience to relate and know the characters. It’s also easier on the writers. They don’t have to develop characters as much if you already know what they are like. By stepping out of that the creators have more freedom with their characters. Also, we as an audience don’t know what’s going to happen.

If you can’t already tell. I am so happy about this anime. I am looking forward to it every Sunday now. I am so happy right now.


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