Creepy crow children. I’m so glad I don’t watch this show at night.

Unlike a lot of the other Yami Shibai episodes this one doesn’t end on a cliff hanger. I’m wondering if it’s because it dealt with a kid instead of an adult. I would be pretty dark if the kid didn’t come back.

edb2c7d665300121955cfef599ec22b61500183229_largeWhen the children at the beginning were running away from the crow lady I was sure it would be the grandma. That’s normally how things work. But, I’m glad it wasn’t and it was some other random old lady that was in the small town.

Alright, so real talk her. Those creepy crow shadow children are creepy. I am glad I live in the city where they are not. I hope they stay in the country side. They better stay in the county side. This is a show you watch with your lights on.

Or during the day like me. Becasue that is what smart and sane people do.