It’s different, it a little odd, and I’m not sure if I like it yet. 

crunchyroll-watch-18if-episode-1-the-witch-of-thunder-bedroomFirst off, I know nothing about these games. I mean nothing. I didn’t even know the game existed till I did my research for the show. There isn’t much information about it. At least on my western English speaking googling. So, I really can’t talk about how it is in realization to the game. So, if you are here for that please leave now. You will just be disappointed.

I have to say though, I like that it’s different. So, many times in anime it feels like over used recycled ideas. You see the same type of story lines over and over with out any change. It’s good to see some thing different. Again I don’t know how much this is influenced by the game or the anime addition. But, I like what they are doing.

When the episode started. I was lost. 100% had no idea what was going on. Not a clue. As maxresdefaultthe episode kept going it kept not explaining things. Mind you that makes you identify with Haruto. He also has no idea what is going on. He’s just chucked into this world and is a lost as the viewer. It fallowing him easy. You hope he figures out what is going on so, in turn so can you.

As the episode goes on you start to understand what is happening. Kind of. At least you have less questions then what the episode started.

maxresdefault (1)My only worry about this show is it might turn into a villain of the week kind of situation. Haruto gets lost in the dream world. Lily helps him out. He fights a witch. He thinks he’s going to wake up, he doesn’t. The cycle starts over again. Now if it’s done well that could be some what enjoy able and at least entertaining.

But, I’m hoping for a little more depth and story development then that. That is what I’m hoping for at least. I would like questions answered. Like who’s Lily? Why is Haruto stuck here? Why is Katsumi a cat? You know just the basics.

If any other at will happen or we’ll just be stuck with a villain of the week only time will tell, but I’m looking forward to having that question answered.


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