When something terrible happens it’s very normal for people to get stuck in that moment. They can never move forwards from that point in time. Every thought every action is is connected to this one thing that happened. 

956393beSeeing 18if use dreams to help some one more on from that state is interesting. Here we have this girl stuck in this horrible moment that happened to her. She couldn’t fight back then but now she can and that’s some thing that not every one gets. For so many people being stuck is a life sentence. You don’t get to move on you don’t get to change any thing. You don’t get to fix the past.

When Haruto meets Mana he sides with her. She isn’t doing this just to kill people and have fun like Yuko, the first witch, was. She’s getting revenge and moving on from this horrible thing that happened. She want to move one she doesn’t want to be there any more. And, this is how she knows how to do that. This is the way she can do that.

Haruto sees this and knows she’s right. These are monsters. It doesn’t matter that they were 16 when they did this. They still murdered three people in cold blood for no reason. They should not be allowed to walk free. Understanding this and accepting this is great.

We also get the other side of the coin from Katsumi. For him murder is murder. It’s like db624898the amazing quote from Gandi “An eye for a eye and the whole world will be blind.” Where he’s seeing it as murder of, maybe not innocent people, but still people.

A few questions as to why Katsumi studies the dream world and fights witches were answered. He has a loved one stuck in a sleeping beauty state. He sees Haruto as a way she might be able to be woken up. If a loved one was sick or stuck in a coma and there was something I could do about it I would. I understand Katsumi’s point of view.

The main thing I liked about this episode is Mana isn’t evil. She just wants justice for what happened to her family. She isn’t a crazy witch is abusing her powers. She isn’t going after just any one she’s going after some bad people. And, she is going after them in hqdefaulta way they could not never hurt any one again. This isn’t a game to her. This is the only thing she feels she can do.

It looks like it’s going to be witch of the week kind of show. And the side though story will be about Haruto and why he is stuck in the dream world. But, I like that so far the witches are all different. I’m looking forward to see what kind of witch we get in the next episode.