It has begun! That is the only thing running through my mind at the end of this episode. There’s a lot going on since all the main characters are in different places. But, it’s all coming to a head, all at the same time, all at the same place.

60928257The main thing I love about this show is it’s taking a very realistic look at super heroes and if the world had powers. Not every one would be good. You would be discriminated against because of your power or for not having a power. You’d have to be mindful of how you used your power. And, some times people are just bad.

Also, it takes a look at how easily it would be for some one to become a villain instead of a hero. Take Tenya he want to avenge his brother. He wants to kill Stain. He’s told that heroes can’t use their quirks for personal gain. They have to fallow strict laws set out down them. They can’t let personal struggle and desire trump their jobs. They can’t arrest or injure people while working. Which means Tenya can’t really bring Stain to justice. All he can really do is apprehend him and wait for the police to arrive.

That’s not what he wants. He wants to be the one who takes down Stain for his brother. MHA2-720x405He wants to make him pay and destroy him. Just like Stain did to his brother.

Another person this could happen to is Deku, himself. Gran Torino realizes just how terrifying Deku can be. He’s collected so much data on heroes and villains. And, not just collected it but studied it and put it into practice. He’s greatest skill is his mind. Now that he also has the all for one. Deku is an extremely formidable opponent.

I had a horrible thought during this scene. Deku could easily become a villain. Any of them can. At the beginning of the series Deku tells us this is the story of the worlds greatest hero. What if this isn’t his story what if it’s some one elses. What if he becomes the next villain. Or what if he does become the worlds greatest hero but Tenya or Bakugo mqdefaultbecome the next villain. That would destroy Deku to go against his friend.

What ever happen at the end of all this. I know no one is getting out unscathed. Every one will be effected by this and their future is changing forever.


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