So this is just a slice of life. But, in an alternate reality. I mean that sounds really cool until you realize it’s just a slice of life anime.

You either love or hate slice of life. I’ve never met anyone who’s like “I can take or leave zRusC9O433K8V4J1MFAkQy3U37them”. No one is in the middle of the road. I personally only like one slice of life school life anime. And that is Azumanga Daioh. That is the only one I like. The rest of them can just go and stop existing.

Slice of life work place is a little different and it depends on the show. I like New Game and Working. I wonder if I relate to the work place ones more because I’m older and I am too working. Where I will always love Azumanga Daioh, my favorite slice of life has been replaced with I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. It might just be an age thing. And I can relate to those shows at a different time in my life.

But, back to the show that we’re actually talking about. There really not much I can say about this show. I think the creature design is cool. I like that it’s just normal to have an angel and centaur roaming around. That’d be kind of cool in real life. maxresdefault (4)

It’s cut up into small stories in the same universe. Which seems to be a trend that’s been happening in anime recently. There’s more and more clip shows and less plot driven shows. It makes it easier for the writers but it gets kind of boring for the audience at least for me it does.

I want to see some thing different. Something new and exciting. I don’t think I will with this show though. It’s more of a sit back and watch kind of show. It’s adverage and typical. If you want or like that kind of thing this show is for you.


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