It’s never been clear then in this show that there is so many cultural differences from east to west. It’s very prominent in relationships and romance. Both of which this show focus on.

In the United States, when there is a show that focus on a relationship or a will they wont they situation. There’s kissing, hugging, open discussion about said relationship. And it’s not an uncommon practice. It’s very normal to kiss you boyfriend or girlfriend. You hold hands, you hug. In Japan and Asia you do not.

dafs45d4Public displays of affection are not some thing you do. The most you do is share an umbrella on the way home while it rains. So, having a show all about relationships is going to be very different then a western show that does the same thing.

It might just be my western standards by this show is very G rated. Let me back up and say, that is not a bad thing. It just feels very young and under developed. There is miscommunication filling this show. Since it is very common in Japan to not say how you really feel, this makes sense. And where it makes for a cute show and very awe moments. I don’t think I’d be able to do a full 30 minutes of is. I’m very glad this is only a 12 minute show. Mind you that’s also pushing it.

The show bonces around to a huge cast of characters and because of that it helps keep my interest. I just don’t know how long that will be the case. Only time will tell.


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