Miscommunication is always put to good use in romantic comedies. He said this she thought it was this, they continue on not knowing what the other is thinking. It’s always bothered me. 

Tsurezure-Children-02-19I’m a strait forward person. Where I am quite I will tell you what I think. So, it always frustrates me what people aren’t like this. Now I know it’s cultural differences and everything. But, come on.

On story, or couple, the girl thought they were dating for a year when they were just good friends. A literal year. Know I know Japan dating standards are different, but if you’ve been dating for a year and you haven’t kissed or even held hands. There is something wrong. Or your not dating.

In this case they were not dating. It was a whole string of miscommunication that led to the girl finally asking, why haven’t you kissed me. He’s like “…why would I”. Finally in a dafs45d4cute ending they do like each other and they are now actually dating. Instead of she thought they were dating he had no idea.

Because this show is a clip show and only 12 minutes long, most things get resolved quickly. If this show only focused on one or two couples I don’t think I could do it. So far I really only like one of the couples and want to see more of them. That’s Ryouko and Masafumi. I think they are cute together and would love to see how their relationship grows and develops. Besides that I haven’t found others that I’m really interested in. I’m going to continue to watch the show just for them.


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