Toji no Miko or literally Sword-wielding Shrine Maidens in English, I airing with the 2018 winter season. It’s going to be one of the leftover series into the 2018 spring season as well. Trailer and more information after the jump.

The show its self if an original work from Genco and animated by Studio Gokumi. To go along with the show and to promote the show a manga was published in October 2017. It is currently running in Monthly Shonen Ace.

The manga on its own isn’t great. I’m not saying it’s bad, just not great. If I didn’t know it was in correlation with an anime and to help promote it, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. It feels a little rushed and thrown together. Almost, like it was just made to promote an anime.


As the anime comes out I’ll take about the correlation to the manga. I have a feeling there isn’t going to be much difference in the two, but time will tell. Some times there are two different teams working on the anime and manga version and they become very different.

An example of this is Eureka Seven, the anime and manga were done around the same time. Much like this. The two series started out very similar to each other then when in two completely different directions.

So, only time will tell if this is the case with this series as well.