I have feeling about CLAMP. I will do my best to be objective while watching this series.

But, I not making any promises.

maxresdefault (1)So, this first episode fallowed the manga very closely. Which was surprising at first then I looked in to it. The series is only slotted for 26 episodes. That is a little longer then the typical season right now. Most anime is running about 12 episodes with an OVA making it an even 13.

Or it runs forever and you have no idea where the end it. Naruto, One Piece, I’m looking at you!

The story seems very simple and generic for a magical girl show. Something new is happening and Sakura is going to need to use a new power to defeat/over come what maxresdefault (2)ever is going on. She gets a new staff and must change all the cards again in to their next evolution.

So, it’s pretty much the same plot line as the second half of the original series. Nothing new.

Yep, pretty much. I thought you were better then that CLAMP. You have some weird age gap issues with this show, but the main plot was always pretty decent.

With this arc we might get more of Sakura and Syaoran as a couple. I’m not going to touch the age issue here. They’re in 6th grade people. 6th grade! The means they are about 12. I’m totally good with it, if the story line stays very wholesome. But, the second it gets into the very nonwholsome area, I’m out. I’m just glad they’re the same age. It screen-shot-2017-04-01-at-5.12.01-pmmakes all this a little better just a little.

Can we also talk about the 100% fact that some hard core yaoi is happening in the room right next to Sakura. Now my yaoi fan girl days are long behind me. But, canon yaoi I will ship till the there is no oceans left in this world. Toya and Yukito often sleep over at each others house and in the manga they are very openly in love with each other. Other people even commenting on it. It’s more subtle in the anime, but it’s 100% canon.

This just makes me happy. I think it also makes me very happy because they are one around the same again. Toya knows Yukito isn’t human but doesn’t care, he loves him any way. Even going as far as giving him his power in the original series. They’re just so cute together. In some of CLAMPS other works their characters show up, all ways together. To cute.

Also, they’re the only couple that doesn’t have some weird age gap issues. Can you tell have have a problems with this? I’m trying guys, I’m trying. CLAMP you have some issues, please work those out.

All that being said, I’m looking forward to this show. The animation is beautiful. Sakura will get more adorable outfits from Tomoyo. And if any thing it will tickle my nostalgia. Cardcaptors was one of the first animes I watched, before I knew what anime was. So, I’m in and looking forward to next week.