First things first, I learned about this game though a webcomic (My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, it’s adorable go read it). After looking in to it and having a very close friend (who is in no way an otaku, but a huge gamer) mention it and ask if I had played it. I knew I had to play it. Trailer and more info after the jump.

So, the website were you can freely download the game and the trailer are very misleading.

I didn’t want to go to far into what happens. All I know is it’s falls under the horror genre and people were taken completely by surprise when they first started playing. doki dokiThe trailer and the game it’s self start off with a warning. You have to be over 13 to play this game. I would be even more worried if it was 18 plus. But, this is not a good start.

The game it’s self is free to download, on the original website or on steam. If you donatedoki doki2 $10 you do get the fan pack. Which I will be talking about in the next article. I think it’s great that Team Salvato made it free and that you get something extra for donating. I love supporting new, small, and indy game developers and games. For the most part that is where some of the most surprising and interesting games come from. When these type of games come out and hit the mark they hit. And every one takes notice and you should too.

So lets start this journey and I hope it’s not to F#@ked up.