Originally I wasn’t planing on watching this series. But since there will be three specials airing in April for it, I figured why not. This season for anime is very interesting, we have a shonen with an all female and now Sanrio Boys it a shojo with an all male cast. Episode review after the break.

Even though I understand this series is completely made to sell Sanrio merchandise to women, by using cute boys, it’s ridiculously cute. I 100% thought I’d despise this show. I was wrong.

It’s well written. Even though it’s only the first episode, the characters already have development. The main characters are completely tropes, but that’s nothing new. Even the best anime has a bit a tropeness to it.

Sanrio could have just phoned it in when making this show, making it a huge commercial. With the underlying message, buy our shit. They even got a decent studio to make it, too. Pierrot has been around since the 80’s, I almost positive you’ve seen something they’ve worked on.

I had no idea this was a thing until Anime Expo 2017. I saw some guys dressed up as the characters working at one of the booths and running around doing photo ops. Then didn’t realize it was an actual manga and anime till this season started. My inter thought process went a little like this.

Oh that was the group at AX. Now I get it. So it’s an anime. Wait it started as a manga? Sanrio has cute boys! Not just cute characters?!

Having no expectations or really giving it a second thought when I started watching it. I’m glad I didn’t just write it off. It’s cute and worth the watch. I’ve not expecting it to really go any deeper, then like what you like. But, I’m ok with that. It’s a good message.