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Lets all Fall in Love with Vampires

Vampire Knight is written by Matsuri Hino. It was First published in 2005 and ran till 2013. There is a two season anime by the same name, based on the series. There are also two light novel that fallow side stories from the characters in the Vampire Knight universe. There are also to drama CDs , a dating simulator and a live action musical stage play for the series.

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Getting Lost in The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words first released in an Australian film festival in 2013. It was then released in Japan a month later. It was screen with the short film Someone’s Gaze, which was also done by Makoto Shinkai. Shinkai has done many movies, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, 5 Centimeters a Second, and Voices From a Distant Star, just to name a few. The film has spawned a manga and a novel.

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