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Anitore! EX

Anitore! EX Episode 3

The personalities of each of the girls are a little to generic. At least by anime standards. So far we have had, the cute girl who loves sweets, the flat chested girl who wants bigger boobs, and now the rich girl who is the perfect Japanese woman/ house wife or will become such. It makes sense their really isn’t a story line, except for lets work out, so having generic characters that aren’t going to be developed makes every thing easier.

The exercises them selves, are decent work outs. Again you are going to have to do more then one set but they are not fooling around. They are tough work outs and will get you in shape if you do them. Also, learn the dance and that could be really good warm up/ cardio. I might start using this as part of my work out routine.


Photo Credit: Anitore! EX, Earth Star Entertainment 

Anitore! EX Episode 1

First things first, the girl is adorable. I have a feeling that if you have an adorable girl tell you to work out, you’ll do it. It’s smart, but you could as just be watching her do excise and go “oh my god that’s adorable” then never do the work out.

The only problem with this is you have to do two or three sets of each work out in order to get a decent work out, out of the show. Maybe if you learn the dance at the end along with doing all the other work outs. The dace would be fun to learn and good exercise.


Photo Credit: Anitore! EX, Earth Star Entertainment 

Anitore! EX Episode 2 Review

I got to say the exorcises them selves are quite good. But, only doing two of them or one set of each really won’t help any one get into shape. I could see maybe doing all of the episodes back to back. Or, doing three or four sets for each episode. But, just the four minute episode doesn’t give your any type of work out.

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Getting Ready for the Anime, Anitore! EX

This is an original anime that uses cute girls to get you to work out. Read the synopsis after the break.

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