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hacka doll the animation

Hacka Doll the Animation Episode 1

The concept is interesting, and very topical: there is to much information so there had to be a program made to find things. In the age of information there is to much information, it’s hard to find things. on the contrast it is incredibly easy to find things you do not want, have a need for or have time for. Also, there is so much information that you don’t know were to start. Because this is the age of smart phones and dumb people. Mind you any one with basic computer skills and the intelligence of a marmot can use a search engine. That is what this program is, a search engine but in person form. So this anime is about some thing that already exists, but is in person form. Yep, that sounds like an anime.

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Getting Ready for the Anime Hacka Doll the Animation

This is a fallow up to the two episode anime special Hacka Doll from last year. The special’s plot was, Hacka Doll is a news app developed by DeNA, a Tokyo-based company which owns one of the most popular cell phone gaming platforms, Mobage. To see the new series synopsis and trailer after the jump. Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Anime Hacka Doll the Animation”

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