maxresdefaultKing of Thorn is based off the manga by the same name, by Yuji Iwahara. The film was released in 2010. There is a mysterious and fatal virus, the Medusa virus, that is slowly killing the population of the world. The Medusa virus turns its victim into stone, like the Greek myth of Medusa. The Venus Gate organization chooses 160 people via a lottery to be put to sleep and while they are sleeping Venus Gate will look for a cure. While they are sleeping the progression of the virus will be slowed and  then there could be a possibly of them finding a cure with more time. Instead of sleeping for years, like planed, they are awakened 48 hours later. Only to find the facility to be covered in thorns and no staff in site.  There are also monsters who try to eat every one alive. Of the 160 only eight survive and have to fight their way out of the facility. They must figure out what has happened and if they will be able to be saved from the horrors they woke to and the virus that is still slowly killing them. Continue reading “King of Thorn is a Modern Scifi Retelling of Sleeping Beauty”