51Np1e9I1VLBeauty Pop was created by Kiyoko Haku and released from 2003 to 2008. In america it was released trough Viz Media and their Shojo Beat title. The story fallows Kiri Koshiba a gifted hair stylist who has an aloof attitude about most things. She uses her gift as a hairstylist to help girls be happy and have more confidence in them selves. She does this all anonymously and never wants any credit for her work. Three other students at her school, Shogo Narumi, Kazuhiko Ochiai, and Kei Minami, are the Scissors Project (SP) who take already pretty girls and give them a make over. Much to her displeasure Kazuhiko often tries to get her to work with SP. After much hesitation and avoidance on Kiri’s part she is drawn into their world and starts working with SP. Continue reading “Beauty Pop is a Very Typical Shojo with Make-Up Added to It”