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miss monochrome the animation 3

Miss Monochrome The Animation 3 Episode 1

Even though it is a new season every thing is just as where it was in the last season and the last episode. It is understandable since there really hasn’t been any time between the seasons. This fallowing in the path of shonens and never ending or having just one season. I’m just curious why they took they time to review the story and characters. Since we just saw them like a week or two ago. And, this is an eight minute show. Really a minute six if you don’t include the opening and ending.  Continue reading “Miss Monochrome The Animation 3 Episode 1”

Getting Ready for the Anime Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3

Miss Monochrome is originally based of a 3D singer, by the same name. This will be the third instillation of the Miss Momochrome series. The series fallows Miss Monochrome trying to stand out more and more and becoming an idol. Miss Monochrome’s ultimate goal is to sing against fellow idol Kikuko. This season looks no different, check out the synopses after the jump.

Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Anime Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3”

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