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Catching up to One Punch Man

I’m going to say this right now. I can see why this anime is popular, but I can’t make my self like it that much. The reason? There is no plot. Yes each episode has a little bit of a plot but, it’s not a trough plot for the whole series. I’m perfectly fine with it taking a few episodes to get in to the real nitty gritty of the story and the plot. So far it’s just been, monster! Saitama shows up, one punch, monster dead. That has all the first three episodes have been.

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Getting Ready for that Anime, One Punch Man

One punch Man was a self published web comic by One. In 2012 three years after it was originally published Viz picked up the property and published it was a manga. Madhouse is the studio that Viz hired to make the anime. Read the synopsis and watch the trailer after the break.

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