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Osomatsu-san Episode 1

Oh my god, if you have not seen this episode yet, first why are you reading a review of it before watching it, go watch it. Then watch it again. For some one who had been watching anime for the last 20 years and has watched more classic anime they I’m willing to admit this is the best thing ever. I haven’t laughed this hard for an anime in years, since high school. It is a very nice to watch an anime and just enjoy it. Right now anime is either just trying to be the next be thing or just trying to make a profit. It is rare to find something that is just enjoyable to watch.

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Getting Ready for the Anime, Osomatsu-san

This anime is based on the manga, Osomatsu-kun written by Fujio Akatsuka in the 1960’s. The series was made into an anime in the 60’s and then again in the 80’s. the series is now coming back this time with all the characters as adults. Watch the trailer and read the synopsis after the break.

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