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Tsuredure Children Episode 2

Oh, Japan. Why must you make me talk about things I don’t want to? Because when I woke up this morning I really didn’t think I’d be talking about incest.

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A Centaur’s Life Episode 1

So this is just a slice of life. But, in an alternate reality. I mean that sounds really cool until you realize it’s just a slice of life anime.

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Restaurant to an Other World episode 2

The Japanese title of this show is Isekai Shokudou; from now on, I will be using the English title of the show. I’m explaining now so no one gets confused. Like that’s not going to happen. At least I tried.

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Isekai Shokudou Episode 1

Wait, wait, cute cafe, delicious looking food, and fantasy characters and elements. Where has this show been all my life?! I’ll just be over here enjoying the eye candy for a bit.

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Fox Spirit Matchmaker episode 1

Lets first talk about the title. This is a Chinese donghua or manhua, or manga or comic– what ever you want to call it, it all translates the same. So, there are three names for this show. The English is Fox Spirit Matchmaker, the Chinese Huyao Xiao Hongniang, and the Japanese enmusubi no youko-chan. This isn’t going to get confusing at all.

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Kyōkai no Rinne Episode 62

Kyōkai no Rinne, or just Rinne, is another show that is carrying over from the spring season. Not only is it carrying over from the spring season it is also the third season of the show. Continue reading “Kyōkai no Rinne Episode 62”

It’s All About Growing Up

Azumanga Dio, literally Great King Azumanga in English, was first published in 1999. It ran for 3 years till 2002. It was written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma. The manga is done in four panel form, many say Azuma has mastered this form, and because of that the anime in 130 shorts put together in to 26 episodes. The anime was released in 2002. There have been two sound tracks that go along with the anime. There is also a puzzle game similar to mahjoun released for playstation. Continue reading “It’s All About Growing Up”

And the Ruckus Starts!

Baccano! is written by Ryogo Narita (writer of Durarara! you can read my review of it here) and illustrated by Katsumi Enami. It was first published in 2003 and is still on going. There is a two volume manga that is a side story for the series there is an other manga that is currently running that is an other side story for the series. There is also an anime that runs 16 episode, it came out in 2007. (I did a review of the anime you can check that out here) There is also are two drama CDs with two side stories on them. Also, there is a DS game that fallows the events of the anime and the second and third book.

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The Classic that Continues to Inspire

Dragon Ball was first published in 1984. The manga ran for 11 years till 1995. I was written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The original story was based off the Chinese classic Journey to the West. Dragon Ball has spawned five individual animes, that span 710 episodes and the current one is still airing with new episodes coming out weekly. There are multiple spin off manga series as well. There are 19 anime films and 8 tv specials. There are 40+ video games. Then there are all the sound tracks for all of the properties. There are more art and companion books then any one could count. If you haven’t noticed Dragon Ball is kind of a big deal.

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