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Tsuredure Children Episode 2

Oh, Japan. Why must you make me talk about things I don’t want to? Because when I woke up this morning I really didn’t think I’d be talking about incest.

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Tsuredure Children Episode 3

Miscommunication is always put to good use in romantic comedies. He said this she thought it was this, they continue on not knowing what the other is thinking. It’s always bothered me.  Continue reading “Tsuredure Children Episode 3”

Love and Lies Episode 1

The idea of not having to look for that one person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is both depressing and exciting. As an adult who’s been in love and failed loves, I watch this show with a different perspective then a teenager just finding out about love. Continue reading “Love and Lies Episode 1”

This week in Manga!

An other week as come and gone and an other round of manga has come out. These are the series that I am currently reading and staying updated with. This is just my opinion and my thoughts. If you think differently or have other thoughts I’d love to hear from you. Put everything down in the comments down below. Continue reading “This week in Manga!”

This Week in Manga!

An other week of manga has come and gone! See what happened this week.

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For Some Reason the Bad Acting is Charming

Lovely Complex live action movie came out in 2006. It’s based on the manga by the same name written and illustrated by Aya Nakahara. The manga spawned a game, this live action movie, a 24 episode anime, and a spin off manga. It is also the only manga and anime to use Kansai ben, an Osakan dialect for all of the characters.

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This Week in Manga!

An other week as come and gone, time for new manga. Yea!

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