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Toji no Miko Episode 1

First thing I’ll say is it’s not like the manga. Which i kind of refreshing. There are so many shows out there are go completely off a manga. And, I’m talking panel by panel. I know it’s always great to see your favorite manga come to life but, it’s also nice to not know what’s going on. Continue reading “Toji no Miko Episode 1”

18if Episode 1

It’s different, it a little odd, and I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Continue reading “18if Episode 1”

18if Episode 2

When something terrible happens it’s very normal for people to get stuck in that moment. They can never move forwards from that point in time. Every thought every action is is connected to this one thing that happened.  Continue reading “18if Episode 2”

Yamishibai: Season 5 Episode 2

Child alone in an abandonded playground. That doesn’t sound creepy, till it is.

Continue reading “Yamishibai: Season 5 Episode 2”

Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 1

Welcome to the Ballroom, or Ballroom e Youkoso as it’s known in Japanese, starts us off with a situation that is all too familiar: Not having any direction when you’re a young teenager. Some people have never felt that, they know exactly what they want to do and how they are going to do. This is a story for the rest of us. Continue reading “Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 1”

This Week in Manga!

Weekly manga here I come. I always feel like a little kid waking up on their birthday, when new manga is here! Continue reading “This Week in Manga!”

This Week in Manga!

Since this is the first week, I am starting off with three mangas. Every week I’ll be adding a new one. If the manga only updates monthly and not weekly, I will put it in the week it gets updated. If it’s a monthly manga and it’s the first week I’m adding it, I will do the most resent chapter the week I add it.

If you have any mangas you want to read or recommend let me know in the comments below. Continue reading “This Week in Manga!”

Coming soon! Manga

Next week I will start weekly manga updates. As I slowly catch up to the manga I will then add them to the weekly manga review. Currently I have Fairy Tail, Nanatsu no Taizai, and Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou. I will be adding more but lets start with those ones.

If there are any series that are currently being published and you want me to check out let me know. I will happily take a look at them. If the series publishes monthly I will add it to the weekly review on the week that it comes out. I look forward to talking about manga with you, it really is were my heart lies.


Dance with Devils Episode 1

I just have one question for this anime, is it a musical or not? If it is, that’s fine. If it’s not, then don’t have two musical numbers in the first ten minutes of the anime. Then along came the opening. It was a very musical ten minutes of the show. Then suddenly there were no musical numbers in the rest of the episode. It was just a bit odd.

Continue reading “Dance with Devils Episode 1”

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