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Sanrio Boys Episode 1

Originally I wasn’t planing on watching this series. But since there will be three specials airing in April for it, I figured why not. This season for anime is very interesting, we have a shonen with an all female and now Sanrio Boys it a shojo with an all male cast. Episode review after the break. Continue reading “Sanrio Boys Episode 1”

Today I’m Playing: Doki Doki Literature Club Part 1 (Before I Start)

First things first, I learned about this game though a webcomic (My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, it’s adorable go read it). After looking in to it and having a very close friend (who is in no way an otaku, but a huge gamer) mention it and ask if I had played it. I knew I had to play it. Trailer and more info after the jump.

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This Week in Manga!

Weekly manga here I come. I always feel like a little kid waking up on their birthday, when new manga is here! Continue reading “This Week in Manga!”

Catching to Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

So far we have learned that these vampires used to be human. We still don’t know why they want Yui. We still don’t know if the other group of vampires is looking for her. We still don’t know what the flouting tree thing is. Lastly, we still don’t have the slightest clue what they mean when they say Eve. I wish this show would explain some things. Maybe they are waiting for the big reveal at the end, I don’t know. But, I would like answers.

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Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 2

I still don’t understand what the weird tree in the middle on a white space is all about. Or the whole stain glass windows floating above her head thing. I get that it’s a garden of Eden Adam and  Eve thing. what I don’t get is what does it have to do with the story. an other thing is the whole Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve is so over done at this point, I just have to roll my eyes. I’m just hoping they explain it a little better latter one. Because she is Eve? Or has eve’s blood, I don’t know it is not explained yet. Continue reading “Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 2”

Getting Ready for the Anime, Dance with Devils

This is an original series created by Brain’s Base. There will be a companion manga published in G Fantasy in Japan. The premise is very  otome game. The read the synopsis and watch the trailer after the break.

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Diabolic Lovers More, Blood Episode One Review

There isn’t much to say about this series, accept it is just a big advertisement for the otome game. Since it is based on an otome game, were you choose which love interest you end up with the anime gets a little convoluted. In the anime, the male characters go after the girl in there own way, but Yui, the lead female, never makes a decision as to who she wants to be with. Also, she really doesn’t have much in the way of personality, this works in the game so woman can pretend to be her, but not in an anime.

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Getting Ready for the Anime: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

originalThe second season of the anime based off the otome game, Diabolik Lovers, is starting in a week. The series is a reverse harem, that means that instead of a man with lots of girls going after him, the girl is surrounded by very attractive men who all want her. The first series very much focused on all the men trying to win over the girl in many different ways possible. This series will most likely be no different. The plot is as fallows.

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