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Today I’m Playing: Doki Doki Literature Club Part 1 (Before I Start)

First things first, I learned about this game though a webcomic (My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, it’s adorable go read it). After looking in to it and having a very close friend (who is in no way an otaku, but a huge gamer) mention it and ask if I had played it. I knew I had to play it. Trailer and more info after the jump.

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18if Episode 1

It’s different, it a little odd, and I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Continue reading “18if Episode 1”

Excuse me, I need to Watch Digimon

Digimon first 1998 Digimon first came out as virtual pets, very similar to tomigotchi. Except of course you could fight them. A year later the anime series came out first as a going to be a short, but it turned in to a full series. That series got a second season. Since then there have been four other anime series, each with new characters and different stories. Each anime series got  multipul movies, there are 14 in total. There have been three mangas. There have been 27 video games released so far. There is also the card game that is very much like the Pokemon card game. Now if you are a 90’s kid or even early 2000’s you watched this as a child and all that is going through your head right now is “Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions!” Continue reading “Excuse me, I need to Watch Digimon”

A Look at the Future, From the Past and Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain was released in July 1998. It was written by Chiaki J Konaka and produced by Triangle Staff. The series spawned a game and a manga based on it. The series lasted for 13 episodes and ended in September the same year.

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There is a Pokemon Live Action?

So…this was a thing. Yes, for all those fan who have been whining that there is no live action Pokemon, quit whining you already got one. It was called Pokemon Live! and it can out in 2000. This might be the reason there has yet to be any other live action Pokemon. Why, you may ask? Because, this show lost millions of dollars, millions. There will never be an other show at least in musical Broadway form. Continue reading “There is a Pokemon Live Action?”

Getting Ready for the Anime, Pokemon XY&Z

I’m just going to say it, if you don’t know what Pokemon is at this point, I really can’t help you. There is a new series. It is connected to the XY series. Read the synopsis and watch the trailer after the break.

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Two new games from Kingdom Hearts?

For some one who was alive and played the original when it first came out, a new Kingdom Hearts would be amazing! My only concern is that Square Enix continually doesn’t continue the story. It makes side games or before and after game. Were fans honestly just want the story to continue. More after the jump:

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